Jason Capital Partners LLP


Jason Capital Partners LLP (“JCP”), is a London-based Investment Manager regulated by the FCA (Reg. no. 489432).  The team has over 50 years of combined experience in investment advisory as well as managing investment funds.  The JCP team has worked together for 10 years with a focus on alternative investments, specifically asset finance and multi-strategy fund of hedge funds.  Whilst working at Harmony Capital Management Ltd., management won in 2006 the InvestHedge Award of Best Fund of Hedge Funds for the year.  However, with the general lack of investor appetite for funds of hedge-funds following the 2008 crisis, JCP decided to de-emphasize this activity. Given investor interest for de-correlation and yield, it is now focusing its resources on developing  portfolio management activity in the European asset finance universe.  However, it continues to advise clients on alternative investments.  JCP’s clients encompass both institutional and large private clients in Europe and the Middle East.  The firm counts seven senior investment professionals based in the UK and mainland Europe.